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A Note from the Owner

As a homeowner, I know from my own personal experience how it feels to be disappointed in the service a contractor provides.  Just getting a contractor to show up seems to be    the first hurdle in a long list of many. If you've had to hire         a contractor lately, I'm sure you have your own story to tell.

We are a family owned and operated company providing professional plumbing & septic services to clients throughout 
the Greater Birmingham area.  We keep our overhead low so we can pass the savings onto our customers.

Please feel free to request references and see for yourself how our workmanship and customer service have been a blessing to homeowners and property managers searching for a reliable contractor. When you do, you will quickly learn how dedicated to our clients' interests we truly are.

Please give me a call today and I'll do my very best to solve your problem quickly and at a fair cost. I look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.


Shawn Davis, Owner
Shawn Davis Companies